Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's in a name?

My kids are famous for the original names they bestow on their stuffed animals. The monkey's name is Monkey, the puppy's name is Puppy ... you get the idea.

This system works, until a second member of same species arrives.

You see, on Monday, the Build-a-Bear turtle joined our family. He was named Turtley. Yesterday, the Webkinz turtle entered our house of stuffies. Since Turtley was already taken, we imaginatively named him Shelly.

Fire up the Webkinz, site. Type in Shelly's name.


You can't use the name Shelly because it contains a Webkinz-forbidden word.

Oh well, what the hell. Now our turtle's name is Shel.


Sarah said...

Forbidden Webkinz words. That's a riot. Although, I would be alarmed if my kids accepted a friendship with "Fuck You".

Amber said...

How interesting. We've been spending a tiny (unsubstantial, really) amount of time helping Avery boost her kinzcash account by playing Quizzy's Word Challenge and we got the most points by using "freebase." We were also allowed to use "orgasm" but not "stab." Go figure.

I have to show this blog to Andrew to prove to him that I'm not the only nutcase out there. Thank you!