Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to identify a Webkinz addict

If you identify with more than one of the following you may be a Webkinz addict.

1. You play Webkinz after your kids are in bed or at school.

2. Your kids are whining that they haven't had a turn yet because your playing.

3. During the work day you find yourself thinking about what you will buy next for your room.

4. You sneak Webkinz time and quickly close the webpage when you hear someone coming.

5. You have or are thinking about buying your Webkin so that you can take care of all by yourself.

1 comment:

becauseisaidso said...

This is all so funny (and true). It is 1:30, and I have been playing Webkinz. I have not even brushed my teeth yet!