Tuesday, January 22, 2008


There is work to be done! But I can't help it when Cash Cow keeps calling me back. Here are a few simple strategies I use to help maximize my daily Webkinz time.

1. Daily KinzCare. Click on My Pets then click on Daily KinzCare. You get a 10-35 every day and something to eat.

2. Wishing Well. Located in the Arcade. You only get 1 turn a day but it's an easy place to rack up coins. We've received anywhere from 20 to over 150 coins.

3. Quizzy's Corner. Takes around 15 minutes but for a series of 50 questions you can receive up to 250 coins per round. Great to do on your own or the easier questions with kids. My tip when doing it with the younger children is to be in control of the mouse. Read the question and answers together and they can tell you what they think the answer is. Even if they guess a wrong answer I always still click the right answer and we can talk about the answer together. In addition you're not losing those coins.

4. Employment Office. After you've answered a series of questions at Quizzy's Corner it opens up a lot of jobs at the Employment Office. Some jobs are a lot harder than others.

5. Gem Hunting at the Curio Shop. We've always sell our gems and so far have received anywhere from 22 coins to 350 coins per gem.

6. Cash Cow and Cash Cow. They are by far my favorite games in the Arcade and it seems to be easier to rack up coins in these games compared to others.

Hopefully, these 6 tips will help maximize your Webkinz time in your very busy day.


Ginell said...

My new addiction is Webkinz Solitair! I have a serious problem! It's not even about the money.... which turns out to be not that much since each game only lasts about 2 minutes and it's an average of 10 coins per game. I play it well into the evening after EVERYone is in bed and find reasons to stay up past midnight so I can log back in for just 10 more minutes. It's wrong!

For stacking up serious cash, try quizzy's corner. I answer the questions in the "everyone" or "13" age range... to make it fair, but I can still manage to get most answers the first try which is 5 points per question for 50 questions. I racked up some serious cash for my 4 year old son in about 1 hour.

The good news is, webkinz only really loads on my husband's computer upstairs. I have to keep downloading the SAME adobe flash player over and over for mine and it still sometimes doesn't work. So at least I'm not playing WHILE I'm working.

Anonymous said...

for the wishing well, if you close out using the x before all images appear, it will not take away any of your wishes. it takes some time, but if you have the patience, you can close out and go back to it until you get something good.

hope this helps!